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  We have now finished our new gallery after a year of construction.  The new building is much larger and will allow us to have guest artisans to offer a better selection of delights. We will also be extending our hours and dates of operation significantly. Our goal is to be open most days throughout the year from 10 am to 4 pm.   If you are planning a special trip it is better to phone ahead to avoid disappointment.

Our property has undergone many changes over the years.

Our original house was built in 1933 with logs from the prop1934erty.  The logs were used vertically because they were too small to lay flat like the normal log home construction. This photo was given to us from one of the daughters of the original builder. We had noticed her wandering up our driveway. She was curious about the house so she stopped in to churn up some childhood memories. The house was used as a weekend cottage until 1954 when it was raised and a proper foundation was installed.

In the 60’s an addition was built on the south side to add an inside washroom and dining1993room.

We purchased the property in 1992 and much to our surprise found the original logs and window openings under the layers of drywall and fiberboard.  We found it amusing that the kitchen had 4 different wallpaper designs. We stripped all of the walls back to their original condition, refinished them and kept them visible where possible. The new houseold gallery was built on the other side of the driveway, separate from the house. 

In 2001 we did a massive renovation and tripled the size of our home, allowing me to move back into the house to paint. This was much more productive as it would take hours to heat the gallery up and thaw out my paints during the winter months.

In October 2007, we started construction of our new 2,000 square foot Gallery and studio adjacent to the house. I have now moved into the new building to work in my new studio.

Lynn and I will be sharing the space promoting Yummies in a Jar in one section and my fine art in the other area along with my studio. I will be painting on site for visitors to watch. Our new combined campaign will be "


The pouring of the concrete floor was amazing to watch. After the floor dried the walls started to go up and you realize that this is really happening.

up goes the walls


Not much happened through the winter months of 08. It was cold that year so shovelling snow was enough exercise.

Throughout the spring (08) Lynn and I were busy finishing the interior of the building knowing how fast our summer deadline was approaching.


All of this effort has not gone unnoticed by a nosey neighbor. We call her Dorothy. She hung around for about 3 weeks while we were outside working. She was staying in the open to get away from the bugs I guess. When the bugs started to peter off she dissappeared until Lynn got a glimpse of her a week later. As it turns out her name was misgiven. Dorothy had sprouted a beautiful new rack of antlers.


We had a soft opening mid July 08. Lynn had her grand opening last fall to open her "Yummies in a Jar" section.





The Yummies in a Jar tasting Bar



We are very pleased to also offer the works of other fine crafts people and artists such as pottery, decorative glass, wood carvings, handmade steel fire pits, note cards, Savour Muskoka products, Rock sculpture, Muskoka Pewter, and of course a huge selection of my work including original art, giclee prints, lithographs, Wildlife photography and spectacular Aerial photographs.

sonya wall


south side

The next step is to put away the tools, pick up the paint brushes and start to fill up these walls. I now have the room to paint for myself and take a few different directions with my creativity. I am inspired.



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