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Cottage & Boat Portraits




A painting of the family cottage or home is the perfect way to create an heirloom that can be cherished for generations to come. These beautifully detailed cottage portraits are a combination of watercolour and acrylic, creating a lifelike interpretation of the cottage and the property. This is the perfect family treasure for Mom & Dad on their anniversary or for your spouse on that special ocassion. I combine my unique style, use of strong colour and high detail with my architectural drafting background to produce magnificent portraits of cottages and antique boats. With over 200 completed cottage portraits, I am confiecclesdent that you will be delighted with your new family heirloom.

The Procedure
Although most of my commissions are done locally in Muskoka, enquiries are welcome from anyone viewing this page. I do prefer to take my own photographs but I can achieve similar results from your photos as long as the quality is good. If you are within a reasonable distance, I will come to your cottage or home and take painta series of photos that I can work from back at my studio.

What if?
You can't see the cottage for the trees. I normally ross have to do some creative landscaping or thinning out the trees to get a better view of the cottage. This is a painting and with artistic license I can finish those renovations for you, add a few more flowers or even finish that painting job that you haven't had time for.

How much does it cost?
Following are the prices for the complete framed painting including photo session. There are no hidden costs. Prices for special sizes can be quoted on request. The following prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include Provincial or Federal taxes, or shipping costs, if required.


16"x 20"framed size $850.00

24"x 30"framed size $1,500.00

28"x 36"framed size $2,500.00

What do I do now?
Just let me know when you are ready and I will take care of everything else. I would be happy to discuss the creation of your painting with you, under no obligation.

ecceles boatIn Addition
The finished painting will be professionally photographed from which I can offer you note cards and smaller prints of the original painting to take to the office or share with other family members. Smaller framed prints 16" x 20" are available a cost of $150.00. Note cards are also available displaying the finished painting image at a cost of $2.50 each.

The above guidelines are also applicable for Antique Boat commissions.

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