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I am a member of Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc., The Huntsville Art Crowd, Muskoka Arts Council and a member of the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour.

It is very nice to receive recognition for the many hours and ribon 3 years that are dedicated to your craft.  Over the years I have received awards, articles and thank you letters from varied sources.  These are just a few.

Huribon 1ronia Festival of the Arts

I participated for 4 years in ribon 2 the Huronia Festival of the Arts in Barrie, Ontario and was awarded two First prize ribbons and one 2nd prize ribbon for the Best in Show Watercolour Painting. 






Muskoka Arts, and Crafts

It is very special when you receive an award from your peers, which happened at the Muskoka Arts and Crafts juried members spring show. I received an Award of Excellence for the watercolour painting, "the Dippy".




sun 1sun 2

The Muskoka Sun Newspaper
I have been on the cover of this newspaper several times.


musk mag



The Muskoka Magazine
 My wife Lynn and I recently had a feature story about our life in Muskoka. It was a blast.





Ikea Canada

ikea 1
I was the recipient of the Ikea Canada ikea 2Christmas contract.  I was a secretly juried against many artists and craftsmen across Canada. I unknowingly won the competition in 1998.  The commission was to paint 1763 original paintings as corporate Christmas ikea 3presents for Ikea Canada.

Letters of thanks are always appreciated from customers:

Hi John,

I wanted to let you know that my Mom and Dad LOVED the painting of the cottage.  It was the last present to be opened on Christmas day.  Mom and Dad werlawlere speechless when they saw it.  My Dad actually got a bit misty-eyed when he saw the painting.

Afterwards I had explained to Mom and Dad my original concern regarding the painting; i.e. that the actual cottage was too small.  Both of them felt that having the surrounding trees and landscape captured the essence of the cottage.  Specifically, that the cottage is so much more than a building.  They loved the paddleboat tied up at the side of the dock, the canoe pulled up on the sand (and the name of the canoe printed on the side), the chairs on the front lawn and the woodpile up behind the cottage.  They loved that the painting captured all the details that made that piece of land, The Cottage.

I just wanted you to know that the painting was a huge hit and will be something that will be valued in our family for years to come.

Bernice Lawlor

S.P.C.A. Huntsville

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