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The story of "Taking it to the Streets"

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The concept of this project started a while ago when Terri Burton, the Director of Emergency Services for Muskoka, asked me if it was feasible to create a painting for A.M.E.M.S.O as a fund-raiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation, A.M.E.M.S.O.’S chosen charity. My reaction was “what a great idea”. Being an EX fire fighter, I had some insight into emergency services and I was delighted with the idea and the challenge.  My initial idea for a painting was an ambulance responding to a call or an emergency situation of some kind. We ended up doing a survey throughout Ontario and it turned out that most of the paramedics that responded wanted a painting depicting the public service aspect of the job, another creative challenge. The results of the survey threw a wrench into the works for me as it was different then expected. I could not erase the vision of the original painting idea from my head. After months of pondering with visions in my head, the concept of this painting came to be and fit in nicely with the theme of the 2008 A.M.E.M.S.O. conference in London, Ontario. The A.M.E.M.S.O. Conference theme was “Taking it to the streets” the title of the painting. The original painting was unveiled at the conference in September 2008, with the number one artist proof being presented to General Richard Rhomer, Canada’s most highly decorated citizen.  The original painting will travel through Ontario to the President of A.M.E.M.S.O.’s office. A.M.E.M.S.O. is now O.A.P.C. Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs 


The Players


A 6 month old Australian Sheep dog from Baysville, Ontario.

Boy was he a handfull but Chris handled him well with the help of bribes and doggie treats.


Raija Czirak

Utterson, Ontario

pronounced Ry-a. She is the neice of Patch's owner. Patch was quite comfortable working with her.

Terri Burton

Terri Burton

Director of Muskoka EMS

Mindy Piva

Mindy Piva

Muskoka EMS, Huntsville, Ont

Chris Piva

Chris Piva

Muskoka EMS, Huntsville, Ont.


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