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A.M.E.M.S.O. has changed to O.A.P.C

OntarioAssociation of Paramedic Chiefs






A painting by Canadian artist John Murden

taking it to the streets

Produced by the artist for O.A.P.C.


A Limited Edition of 5000 signed and numbered by the artist

Avilable in two sizes, signed and numbered in sequence as the prints are ordered. Measurements are to the outside of the frame.


Modern frame 28"x 34" Or a traditional frame 26.5"x 32.5. (see samples below)


22.5"x 18.5". Available in the Traditional frame only (see sample below)


55 Artist Proofs signed and numbered by the artist

Available in the large size only in both frame styles.

Add a personal touch

to the framed print by including your company badge cut into the matt at no extra charge. The O.A.P.C. logo can also be place on the print image.

Retail prices

(Option 1) Unframed Limited Edition, large size = $150.00 plus taxes
(Option 2) Unframed Limited Edition, medium size = $115.00 plus taxes
(Option 3) Unframed Artist Proof, large size only= $225.00 plus taxes

Framed Limited Editions

(Option 4) Large size,Traditional Frame, = $360.00 plus taxes

(Option 5) Large size, Modern frame= $380.00 plus taxes

(Option 6) Medium size, traditional frame only= $250.00 plus taxes

Framed Artist Proofs (large size only)

(Option 7) Large size,Traditional Frame, = $540.00 plus taxes

(Option 8) Large size, Modern frame= $560.00 plus taxes

Frame Choices
traditional frame modern frame

Traditional Frame

Mahogany colour wood frame with a thin gold leaf stripe on the inside

Modern Frame

Satin black wood frame with a medium blue pinstripe on the inner and outer edges

traditional badge  
Company Badge, optional O.A.P.C. logo optional
Medium size print
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