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A Trip to Centre Island




a trip to centre island

Torontonians can all remember the fantastic rides on the Toronto Island Ferries. What a thrill as we waited in the corals for the ferry to dock. We would squeeze through the passageways with our bikes and lunches trying desperately to get on board and secure a good spot to view Toronto habour and the water. Centre Island was one of the premier summer attractions that Toronto kids wanted to do during their summer vacation.  We would ride our bikes all over the island exploring and spend the whole day there with always the thought in the back your mind “What if we miss the last ferry”.  Toronto’s Centre Island was a magical place but the real thrill of the day was riding on the ferries. 

In this picture the William Inglis heads for Centre Island from the Toronto dock.  The three main ferries still in operation are the William Inglis, Thomas Rennie and the Sam McBride with smaller ferries serving the Toronto Island and Wards Island.

There was quite the uproar when these three new diesel powered ferries where commissioned in the 1930’s.  The original steam driven ferries at that time were the Mayflower, Primrose, Bluebell and the Trillium. It was ceremonial during that time to name the ferries after flowers.  Well, City Hall decided to dedicate the names the new Diesel powered ferries after prominent business people of the time, which got everyone in a flurry. Time prevailed and the new format for names was accepted.

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