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A Greavette Muskoka Disappearing propeller boat or "Dippy" as it was affectionately named, was originally designed as a work boat for the logging industry. The propeller assembly could be pulled up inside the keel for easy movement over log booms and rock outcrops making it a perfect match for the Muskoka Lakes. This John Bull model was powered by a one cylinder gas engine which also inspired the name "putt putt". These boats were easliy adapted for recreational purposes are now very attractive for antique boat collectors.


Limited Edition Giclee’ print of 150

Signed & numbered in sequence on acid free fine art watercolour paper

$65.00 unframed, Image size  7” x 11”
$125.00 framed, Framed size 12”x 16”


$110.00 unframed, Image size 10” x 14”
$225.00 framed, Framed size 16” x 20”


$145.00 unframed, image size 18" x 24"

$345.00 framed, Framed size 24" x 30"


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