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A Visit to Bigwin




a visit to Bigwin

Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada

Bigwin Inn was a world-class resort that catered to the rich and famous until the 1960's. The steamship shown in this picture is the Mowhawk Belle that served Bigwin Inn and area from Baysville and South Portage until 1934 when it was purchased by Bigwin Inn as their original ferry. The skeleton of this ship was at the north side of the island and was a well-known landmark by local cottagers. The old hull was removed during the construction of the new Bigwin Golfcourse. The original Bigwin Resort logo is gold embosed at the top left corner of this print.

the Bigwin story

by John Murden


Limited Edition Lithograph
Signed & numbered on acid free fine art paper

300 lithographs at $135.00 unframed  or $295.00 framed 
30 Artist Proofs at $200.00 unframed  or $355.00 framed

Image size  10” x 24”
Framed size 16”x 30”



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